Athletes registered can access it here .      

File buying guide: click here .     

Athletes registered can access it here .      

File buying guide: click here .      

After completing the registration, the registration fee will not be refunded if the athlete does not participate in the “DALAT MUSIC RUN 2022” event for any reason.

Athletes can refer to details here, click on “Change information”.

Athletes can refer to details here, click on “Change information”.

The fee for changing the distance, a form of competition, and/or transferring to another person is 200,000 VND until the end of April 18,2022

  • Age of participation as of April , 2022

            Distance 10KM: athlete from 15 years old or above 

            Distance 21KM: athlete from 18 years old or above 

Note: All athletes participating under the age of 18 in 2022 must be certified by their sponsor or parents. The supervisor or parents must sign a disclaimer before the race. The organizers reserve the right to refuse competitors to athletes who have not completed a confirmation form signed by their supervisor or parents.


Athletes will receive a set of race kits from the organizers, in addition, athletes can prepare their own gels, salt-compensating functional foods, etc.

The awards structure is divided by age group, gender, country, professional / amateur, group/individual, and the number of prizes for each category. 

Athletes, please visit: UPDATING  as well as fanpage DA LAT MUSIC RUN  to follow the latest information.

❏ Expected race time:      

○ Distance 21km:             

+ 5.00 PM: Departure

+ 8.30 PM: Cut-off time at the target line

○  Distance 10km:             

+ 5.30 PM: Departure

+ 8.10 PM: Cut-off time at the target line

○  Distance 5km:             

+ 5.45 PM: Departure    

+ 7.55 PM: Cut-off time at the target line 

Athletes will receive their BIB number when receiving the race kit at the Lam Vien Square  on   22.04.2022 (For details please follow the fan page or website for the latest update.).

You can ask someone else to accept the race kit for help with the following instructions:

  • Step 1: Sign in to 123Go.vn      
  • Step 2: Click on the menu and select “Authorize race kit receipt”      
  • Step 3: Fill in the authorization information      

Athlete / authorized person will receive race kits on Friday:  22/04/2022

At Expo Area – Lam Vien Square

  • Participants present their ID / Passport according to the registration information when they arrive at the Expo area of ​​the event.      
  • Provide email containing QR code to receive BIB.      

Runners will still receive the race kit if you bring your ID / Passport to the race kit counter and enter the registered ID / Passport number for the procedure.

Please come to the Information desk at the event for help with updating information.


The organizer has a Lost counter in the Race Kit Pick Up Area. Lost items will be kept in Nexus Ideation office for all recipients for 5 days after the event.

Please contact us via email to vietnamsportevent@gmail.com with the subject “LOST & FOUND”.

Yes, the organizers make arrangements for a locker service for Athletes in the Expo area. Please note that the amount of items is limited and the organizer only accepts small bags and does not accept high-value items such as phones, computers, cash, …

If the athlete feels unwell or has a fever, cough, or other flu-like symptoms, or is not fit enough to run, we recommend stopping running and seeking medical advice from a doctor. That is the best plan to ensure the health and safety of the athletes.

The organizer assists in setting up medical stations along with the race, and athletes can also stop at hydration stations or volunteers along the way for assistance or be notified of the nearest clinics. At the same time, we also dispatch medical doctors to travel along the way to provide the best medical assistance.

Athletes can be contacted via:

Fanpage:  Da Lat Music Run

Hotline: 0934 545 303


Complaints must be in a written format via email  vietnamsportevent@gmail.com titled “RESULT DISPUTE…” or contacting the organizers at the Information Counter in the Expo area for assistance.

After the run, the organizer will provide a link to look up the results according to the BIB number and the name of the runner on the website, fan page of the tournament.

18B/18 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Da Kao Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
091 9990 599

Pick-up Race Kit 
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